Toronto by Night

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Chapter One: The Wallachian Candidate
Act I: One Night in Elysium

It is May, 1964. After two long centuries of stake-induced torpor, the hidden burial site of Gaston de Puis was disturbed by two late night construction workers who were digging the foundation to a new building. After breaking an old, rotted, wooden box, they pair discovered a shriveled-up corpse inside. Intrigued by this find, the one worker went to a pay phone to call his boss, while the other started examining the body. While investigating the strange find, the second worker cut his hand on a jagged piece of wood, spilling droplets of blood into the gaping jaw of Gaston.

Upon tasting blood for the first time in many years, the once-torpid Toreador suddenly returned to life and pounced on the witless worker. The first labourer heard a scream and rushed back to the pit. There he saw a naked man holding on to the pale, lifeless body of his colleague. He immediately turned and started running.

However, he just couldn’t get away. The naked revenant moved with preternatural speed and grace. Gaston cornered the terrified man in a dead end alley. There he killed the witness to his resurrection, but not before defiling him through forced buggery. Suffice to say, Gaston lost some of his humanity…but-oh- did he feel good doing it.

After burying his mess deep in the foundation pit, Gaston turned to face his new, strange world. He suddenly heard a voice from the shadows.* This voice told the Toreador that he had inadvertently broken the masquerade, by not noticing a third witness who hid out of fear. As the voice explained, this possible breach was rectified, but De Puis still had to report to the Little Trinity Church to present himself to the Prince and face judgment. The voice then disappeared.

Gaston, made his way to the Church, but not before stopping at a suit shop that was closing up for the night. Despite (or perhaps because of) being stark naked he was able to use his supernatural Presence to convince the tailor to rent him a suit, pro bono. Of course, Gaston had no intention of returning it…

Elsewhere, four fledglings from separate clans were converging, with their respective sires, on Elysium. Tonight would be important to every last one of them. Tonight was the night where they were presented to the prince and declared full neonates before the city’s kindred.

The first to arrive was the Nosferatu playboy, Raymond Harris II, along with his persnickety sire, Beatrice Harston. Next to arrive was Chris DeLucarde and his grand sire, the disgraced Tremere regent, Gerrard Cultieres.

The last of the Fledglings to arrive, ‘Wild Eye’ Bill, arrived less voluntarily. In fact, he dint even arrive with his sire, nor did he care to. Bill, a paranoid schizophrenic, had run away from his sire and clan 5 years former. He spent his night as an autarkis in an abandoned fish cannery by the lake side. The night of the presentation he was found by one of the Sheriff’s hounds, who proceeded to “drag Bill’s homeless ass to Elysium.”**

Also there was the Ventrue Neonate, Captain Carl Harker of the Canadian Armed forces.

Gaston De Puis, arrived at the Church shortly thereafter, and found out that it was the city’s main Elysium. After the four Neonates were presented, and took there oaths of fealty to Prince Rye, Gaston himself was taken up to be judged. With his neck and (un)life on the line for breaking the first Tradition, he was able to successfully defend his case to the prince. He argued that his breach was unintentional, and irrelevant, since the Sheriff had apparently dealt with it. He also alleviated any suspicion towards his sectarian loyalties by convincing the Prince that he was “too foppish to be one of the Sabbat.”

De Puis still found himself socially isolated from the other elders, due to his perceived bumbling idiocy, and decided to try and build a power base elsewhere.

With that, court was adjourned, and the denizens of Elysium began mingling. The neonates and Gaston encountered several of the more important Kindred of the City. The Sheriff accidentally triggered a frenzy in Bill by setting off one of the latter’s paranoid fantasies. He was calmed down in less than 10 seconds, but enough Kindred noticed the outburst. Chris met with both the City’s Anarch faction’s mouthpiece and an informative, neutral Gangrel. Ray spent his time trying to get with the various ladies, yet still managed to create a nemesis in Captain Harker.

Bill also encountered his sire, Levi Wallach. Levi, as it turned out, was a menacingly unstable sociopath, who immediately began to torment Bill’s poor psyche. Everyone has it out for Bill, and Levi is the one pulling the strings. Just look at the evidence! Proof is all around, I tells ya!

However, at the end of the night, the neonates somewhat can together, along with Gaston. They bonded through the most unexpected way possible: looking for ways to harass Carl Harker.


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